We love to work on your instrument, you will be happy with what we do getting it playing in top shape. Our experience technicians are seasoned with years of experience in fixing various instruments of all type, both with quality of work focusing on delivering the best.

We offer comprehensive services for many different types of problems as well as common repairs. Remember, every instrument is in a different condition so our prices may vary depending on how much work is needed. Prices for repair and services will be by individual estimate.

We have clients visiting from all across the country. We do not charge for an initial in-person inspection and estimate. All prices are for labour only, parts required for repair or service will have to be paid for separately unless otherwise specified.

Our work is incredibly valuable and in everything we do. Its important to us how you play and interact with your instrument is taken into consideration.

We deliver high quality services in a comfortable environment of our workshop; some exceptional services can be done in our client’s place if necessary.

As a customer, we want you to gain not only a finely tuned instrument but a better understanding of it as well. After fixing your instrument, we love you to try it when you collect so we can be sure you are happy again with it.

Problem diagnosis and its required correction including:

  • The removal of dents
  • Cork, pads and spring replacement,
  • Regulate and straighten bent keys as required
  • Freeing slides that are stuck or stuck mouthpieces
  • Valve refitting and bore oiling.
  • Complete overhauling of instrument, cleaning and policy bodywork and keys.
  • Replacement of String, Peg, Tailgut, soundpole and Bridge
  • Adjusting, and refitting of bridge and Pegs
  • Fingerboard removal and replacement
  • Nut replacement and adjustment
  • Neck reset
  • Tonal adjustment
  • Bow re-hairing and replacement
  • Piano and electronic keyboard tuning, repairs, Cleaning, regulation voicing, Humidity control and re-conditioning. Refurbishing, removal and restringing
  • Arrangement and drum setup
  • Professionally drum tuning
  • Professionally install new drum head of your choice using existing parts including : shell, rings and rope
  • Replacement of Hardware parts, changing drumheads and re-tuning drums.
  • We can order a head for your drum
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